Hello my friend,
I know your time is valuable, so I'll get right to the point.

I need your help!  Fast...

Like it or not, thanks to Covid-19, our world wide economy has been plunged into a global recession.

Businesses have shut down.  30 million + people have filed for unemployment in the US and people are scare of catching the Coronavirus and not making it...

After barely surviving the last global recession of 2008 as a business owner, I learned some powerful lessons I want to share to help business owners, not just survive, BUT THRIVE in this new 2020 global recession.

Here's where I need your help...

I am launching a special six week MASTERCLASS titled, How to Thrive in Business During the Covid-19 Recession Even if You Don't Have Tons of Money for Marketing." 

I need your participation and feedback during the Pre-Launch recording of the Masterclass.  Your feedback helps me fine tune the training content.  

If you join the Pre-Launch Beta Group & provide your feedback along the way I will give you 100% access to all the training, workbooks, private coaching groups, etc for FREE.

I will eventually sell this Masterclass for $497 in a few months, but if you join the Pre-Launch Beta Group now it is 100% FREE to you.

WARNING:  This special Beta Group won't last much longer so hurry now and join us.

***Just add your name to the list and I will send you immediate instructions for joining our Masterclass Coaching Group so you can get access to each of the training modules of the Masterclass.***

Sound like a deal?

PS - Any weeks you might miss, don't worry.  You can immediately watch the replays in our private coaching group.  Just you have to sign up now.

Thanks in advance!

Terry Hansen
Founder, Hansen University
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"Six Week Masterclass teaches How to Thrive in a Covid-19 Economy"
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